Working as the Head of Real Estate Consulting in French-speaking Switzerland

Nicolas Wisnia (41 years old, married with two children) is the Head of Real Estate Consulting at Implenia for French-speaking Switzerland. He joined the Modernisation & Development division in December 2018. We interviewed him about this new stage in his professional career, his experience and what he does in his leisure time.

How did you come to work at Implenia?
When I was managing the urban development project in Malley in the canton of Vaud, I was contacted by a recruitment agency who introduced me to Implenia. I then met the managers of the Modernisation & Development division who asked me to join the Real Estate Consulting team to transfer the existing business model in German-speaking Switzerland to French-speaking Switzerland. I leapt at the challenge because I really enjoyed the project and their way of thinking.

What is your background?
I’m an architect and urban planner specialising in urban development, with my core expertise in the strategic planning, implementation and management of projects. I’ve had a varied professional career in public administration, the private sector and academia, and have always strived to ensure that the unique features of every project create value and quality in the urban environment. These experiences have enabled me to gain a global vision and a deep understanding of the issues, tools and processes involved in development.

What attracted you to this job?
The role allows me to exploit the full range of my professional skills and, in particular, my ability to act upstream in the strategic phases during the launch and definition of projects. The Real Estate Consulting team has state-of-the-art technologies and specific know-how in these areas, which are firmly rooted in the Implenia corporate culture. In addition to this, being responsible for the French-speaking market and having the opportunity to set up a team on-site is the perfect combination for me.

Which real estate project in French-speaking Switzerland are you most impressed with?
I’m always impressed by the large projects in progress near train stations such as, for example, the Étoile or the Malley-Centre neighbourhoods in Geneva and Lausanne respectively. Ventures like this revitalise cities by creating economic value and urban quality living in areas that have often been neglected. I am also involved in building innovative areas, such as the eco-districts of the Jonction in Geneva and Plaines-du-Loup in Lausanne.

What are your professional goals?
My aim is to contribute to Implenia's success by boosting Real Estate Consulting's activities in French-speaking Switzerland. My first objective is to ensure that customers are satisfied with our services and trust us. I would also like to raise our profile among local stakeholders and consolidate our presence in French-speaking Switzerland.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I spend my free time with my family: my wife and two children. I relax and recharge my batteries with them and do lots of simple things like reading and walking in the mountains or by the lake. My favourite topics are the evolving economy, society, lifestyles and technology and, of course, the capacity of cities and architecture to adapt to changes. I really love thinking and talking to people, travelling to exotic places, visiting art exhibitions, playing football with my son and having barbecues with friends.