Change of use projects

A carefully considered product concept as basis

The demand for residential, commercial and industrial space is changing rapidly, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and the course that determines success and failure is being set ever earlier in the development process. It is crucial to design and calculate the right product in the right location at an early stage.

To guarantee you the security of a marketable product, we take a strongly user-oriented perspective. This is made possible by the combination of professional demand analysis, good ideas, a large network with diverse contacts on the user side and reliable cost estimates.

Digital project conception

The volume-based and use-differentiated consideration of the cost and yield factors in the digital investment model (DIM Property) allows an early examination of options and a better integration in the built environment. The model is based on algorithms that simultaneously deliver quantities, costs and yields. This enables the decision maker to develop the scenarios in real time via a web-based interactive platform.


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