Strategic property management

Construction expertise meets user requirements

A property strategy can be defined depending on the condition of the building, your investment strategy, local market conditions and future user requirements. But is it resilient in terms of design, costs and construction?

Often the initial visions are rendered obsolete through in-depth analyses. Reason enough to subject the initial visions to checks with construction and cost expertise as quickly as possible.

With our integrated business model and our comprehensive portfolio of products and services, we are able to accompany and realise a building project from the condition survey to its turnkey completion. The tendering and management of such a project usually takes place in several steps. Depending on customer requirements, individual steps can also be combined.

In-depth constructional analyses

Implenia offers in-depth constructional analyses. These include services that are jointly defined with the customer such as:

  • The inspection of your property and preparation of a building check
  • The preparation of a utilisation concept including visual representations and schematic floor plans
  • A basic product definition on the basis of a rough project description
  • The preparation of a project strategy including yield and cost forecasts
  • Rough cost estimates

The in-depth analyses are carried out by recognised technical experts.

Our range of services

  • Building check (Building check / Contrôle de l'immeuble)
  • Identification of utilization reserves
  • Object analysis
  • Redevelopment concepts

Your contact person

Nicolas Rebier
Leiter Real Estate Consulting Modernisation Phone: +41584742974

Gregory Meuli
Senior Consultant Modernisation Phone: +41584741554

Building check
We assess the condition of your building and calculate the necessary maintenance costs for you in the short, medium and long term.

Currently only available in German

Property analysis
We prepare property-specific analyses of the location and market, define possible target groups, check the basic construction law conditions and show you possible utilisation reserves.

Currently only available in German

Renovation concepts
We compare potential scenarios for determining the most cost-effective renovation or new build concept.

Currently only available in German